THE “HEIGHTS” Sales Report

The “Heights’ homes were built by Pardee Homes of San Diego and were among the original “executive” style homes within Carmel Valley.   There were more than 500 homes built within the subdivision and it still ranks as one of the most successful marketing and sales successes for Pardee Homes.  Original homes start construction and were being sold to the north of the Del Mar Heights freeway off ramp in early 1983.  Construction started offering four different floor plans and a fifth floor plan was offered late in production of the subdivision which gave a 5 bedroom option to buyers.  The original prices were in the $175,000 to $225,000 price points.Most of the larger floor plans are located near Torrey Pines High school.


The first quarter sales report for the Heights is similar to the first quarter of 2015.   There is a constant demand for the homes in the Heights  produced by Pardee Homes.  The sales data is as follows:

$1,055,000 for 2128 square feet    $1,065,00 for 2538 square feet     $1,373,000 for 3382 square feet 


A new record was set for the number of homes sold in the Heights during 2015 as there were 27 homes in the subdivision that closed escrow according to our database and MLS research.  When one considers how large the area is now within the Carmel Valley area, it is truly amazing how this subdivision has maintained its popularity and demand to consumers who want the “Carmel Valley” lifestyle.   Also, consider that the subdivision as a whole is 30 + years old and there have been more renovated homes in this subdivision that any other in 92130.

The prices not held steady for all of 2015 but if we consider a matching model comparison, we would note that each floor plan ( of which there were 5 ) has increased in value more than 7 % for the year starting in January and ending in December.

Our forecast for the selling season of 2016:      We feel the demand will remain constant and that indeed more buyers within the subdivision will be willing to invest in the future of the homes they purchase by upgrading , renovating or remodeling after the purchase is complete.     We observe that , on average, buyers are investing between $50,000 to $75,000 in basic upgrades after they close escrow on their homes.    Also, the number of homes which will trade hands should compete with the 2015 selling season.   No downturn is expected in this wonderful area of Carmel Valley.

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Fourth Quarter Sales Report : 2015

The results are in for the homes that sold in the Heights during the fourth quarter and here are the results:

Jarman Place            3071 square feet  $ 1,121,100              Landfair Road 2538 square feet     $1,140,000

Haxton Place             2538 square feet $1,250,000             Gelbourne Place 3071 square feet   $1,290,000


Sales Report for the Heights July- September 2015

For the third quarter of the year, the Heights homes have remained consistently popular and remain very competitive to other homes of equal size and approximate value.   Given that some of the homes in the original Heights are approaching 30 years of age – the location is still a driving force in this subdivision’s popularity.  Also, we now see numerous re-sale homes in the Heights that are brought to the market in a very “current” setting with renovation and remodeling being completed before the home is brought to the market.  Thus, we see large swings in sale prices for those that are original in design compared to the same floor plan being renovated.   Sales year to date are 21 and here are the results for the third quarter:

$ 995,250      2538 square feet     10 days on market and sold for $ 380 per foot

$1,015,000   2128 square feet      21 days on market and sold for $ 465 per foot

$1,229,000   3071 square feet      123 days on market and sold for $ 390 per foot

$1,290,000  2748 square feet      14 days on market and sold for $ 463 per foot

$1,295,000  3071 square feet       11 days on market and sold for $ 404 per foot

$1,349,000  3071 square feet       20 days on market and sold for $ 441 per foo

Sales Report for The Heights – January –  June  2015

For the first six  months of 2015, there were a total of 15 reported sales to the regional “MLS” – the database we, as Realtors, use to track homes for sale and that have sold.   Here are the prices and square footages for the sales.

$1,075,000       2538 square feet                $1,100,000    2538 square feet        $1,126,000    2538 square feet

$1,195,000       3071 square feet                  $1,225,000   2792 square feet        $1,235,000    3071 square feet

$1,275,000      2538 square feet                  $1,275,000   2605 square feet        $1,325,000    3071 square feet

$1,425,000      3261 square feet (Plan 4/added footage)

$950,000         2,538 square feet                 $900,000  3071 square feet             $1,025,000 2538 Square feet

$1,275.000    2,538 square feet                  $1,235,000    2605 Square feet

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Sales Report for The Heights – January 1 through March 31 2015

Another active year leading toward continued interest in the Heights homes is made evident with the following sales for the first quarter of 2015.   Here are the reported sales :

2538 square feet on Overpark  sold for $1,075,000  with 7 days on market

2792 square feet on Lower Ridge sold for $1,225,000 with 24 days on market

3071 square feet on Overpark sold for $1,235,000 with 22 days on market

3071 square feet on Kibbings sold for $1,325,000 with 8 days on market

3261 square feet on Valinda sold for $1,425,000 with 179 days on market

Comments / Point of View:

The Height continues to compete quite favorably with other homes in Carmel Valley that are newer and slightly larger.   The location of the Height can’t be beat!  Close to schools, shopping and sport fields, etc. make these homes always on the radar for buyers.    We forecast there will be about 12 homes this year offered for sale and will sell with an increase for the year of some 7% over 2014.   Many homeowners are considering re-modeling these homes and some will be downsizing since children may be out of the home.


The “buzz” word on the street is that the market is in full recovery and the Heights homes are clearly an example of full recovery.  When we tracked and researched the sales success of the Heights during 2014, we found that excited buyers, who numbered 19  ( per regional MLS ) had successfully purchased a home in the Heights.  Here, then are the results, by ascending square footage , for sales that occurred in 2014.

2,128  Square feet :      Plan  1        $949,000

2,554  Square feet:       Plan   2       $980,000         $1,037,500     $1,110,000    $1,086,000

2,605  Square feet:       Plan   3       $971,000          $1,099,900    $1,210,000    

3,071 Square feet:         Plan   4       $970,000*       $1,045,000     $1,115,000    $1,150,000    

                                                                   $1,150,000      $1,235,000      $1,250,000  $1,275,000

                                                                    $1,3000,000  $1,350,000           * denotes possible short sale

Comments & Point of View:

We foresee that with the historic interest in the Heights, continued interest will place emphasis on these incredibly well located properties within the maturing community of Carmel Valley.   The sales results which we have tracked since our purchasing a home and marketing within the community since 1989 , suggest price and demand for the Heights will continue.   We further believe that many of the existing homes as well as those which will be purchased in the future will undergo renovation and that with the size of the average lot in the Heights, some homes will be pushed out and additional square footage, along with interior renovation, will occur.

We are always monitoring the sales for the Heights and all other areas within Carmel Valley – so please continue to read our other posted blog comments and feel free to contact us anytime for a market update on your home or others along the coast.   Our referral base and client history takes us to several neighborhoods in the county, so consider us to be a resource you can rely and trust for accurate information.  We are The Tucker Team     (858) 361 – 7050

The following post below will demonstrate the sales history for the Heights for the year 2013.





The Heights section of Carmel Valley continues to show its popularity when compared to other subdivisions.     The Heights , built by Pardee Homes, started in Carmel Valley just north of Del Mar Heights road and was built east up to the Torrey Pines high school area.  More than 500 homes with four original floor plans were built .  Then a fifth was added late in production near the high school.  Square footages built ranged from 2000 to 3150 square feet with 3 and up to 5 bedroom floor plans available.    Many of these homes are located on spacious lots by today’s standards and a lot of the homes were built on expansive cul-de-sacs.   The areas commercial and school areas are within an easy walk or commute.  Also, many of these homes are now undergoing a remodel facelift and square footage and floor plans are now being brought to today’s more desirable layouts.

With competition continuing for buyers attention within Carmel Valley, The Heights continues to maintain historic popularity.  For the first 11 months ( Jan – Nov  2013) , there have been 22  closed sales.   One sale was a Short Sale (lender took less than amount owed for payoff) .   Therefore,  the lowest sale price at $805,000 was NOT indicative of TRUE MARKET VALUE  of a  Plan # 4 that sold with 3,071 square  feet.  square feet.       Average market time for these homes to go to escrow  was just over 2 weeks during the year.  Here are the individual sale prices and various square footages of the homes sold.  Remember,  to know the REAL VALUE of your home, please contact us to arrange a specific valuation summary for you!

If you wish to read about earlier posts which contain comments about the Heights, please continue reading once the videos and  narrative is complete.  Remember, we are The Tucker Team and We Know the Market!  Call us anytime  (858) 361 7050 .


Here is an earlier post  -    We are updating this post which describes the “Heights” homes by Pardee.   In this update, we will discuss what has occurred during the first three months of 2013 and , if you wish,  you can continue your research and learn about the full year of sales within the Heights during 2012 by reading past this section.


For the first 3 months of the year (2013), we are off to a great start within the Heights section of Carmel Valley.   Year to date sales are as follows:

$873,000 for    3071  square ft.   $874,000 for 2538 square feet     $880,000  for 2128 sq. ft.

$880,000 for    3139 square ft.    $1,000,000 or 3071 sq. feet   &  $1,655,000  for 3071 sq .ft.

Average time on the market for homes being offered for sale until they had an escrow opened has averaged just over 30 days year to date.   We foresee this being the norm for 2013 home sales in Carmel Valley as demand is high and inventory is LOW!


Comments to date:  Heights homes continue to maintain popularity in spite of the fact that these homes are among  the first and thus oldest homes built in Carmel Valley.  You just can’t beat the location, proximity to schools, shops, access to major roadways as to reasons why the Heights is  true Winner in the Carmel Valley lifestyle!

The following article below will describe the entire yearly sales for 2012 within  the Heights.


During 2012, we tracked the successful closing of 17 homes in the subdivision and sale prices rangedf rom $708,000 for 2605 square feet to a dramatically remodeled plan 5 on a view lot which sold for $1375000.  Square footaged had been added to the basic home bringing it to 3937 square feet when sold this year.

Observations and our Point of View:   We foresee the Heights maintaining its desirability and with new construction in the area offering only small or modest sized lots , those looking for more lot size will gravitate to the Heights when searching for home.   With ideal location maintaining its popularity, we foresee a strong demand for this great subdivision.    We have all the sales data on this subdivision and virtually all others witihin Carmel Valley.  We have been working with buyers and sellers in Carmel Valley since 1989 – we want to be your Realtors!   Call us anytime for true and reflective analysis of your home.  Or better still,,,,,stay where you are but tell a friend about our web and blog site.    The Tucker Team – “Bringing Home Results”!   Call  (858) 361.750

The chart below will show the sales in a sold price and price per foot mode as well as time on market.  Please be sure to expand the field to display all 19 sale transactions.

Sale PriceSquare FootageSale Per Foot $ Days on Market
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