Santa Fe Summit-Promontory-Santa Barbara Sales for 2013 & YTD 2014


The year (2014) started with continued buyer enthusiasm and the first four months activity within the Summit, Promontory and Santa Barbara subdivisons yield a total of 10 closed sales.  Let’s consider how these homes faired when compared to the remainder of other homes that might have been considered before buyers made the decision to relocate to these Pardee built homes.   First, the average time on market for seller to achieve an offer then open an escrow has remained virtually unchanged for the past 3 years and this year ( Jan – April)  the average time was 47 days.   Second,   home prices have closed escrow approximately 97% of asking price which means knowing the subdivision is critical to achieve selling success –  that’s where we come in!    As you can see, we study ALL home sales and comment on what sells the fastest and at the highest price per foot which is important to appraisers when looking for value.

Here then, are the sales which have occurred since January 2014 thru  April 30 2014 with comments for each home



$1,270,000    Santa Fe Summit on cul-de-sac     3307 square feet     47 days on market        sold for $384 per foot





$1,282,000  Santa Fe Summit Plan 2 (no loft)   2881 square feet    25 days on market          sold for $444 per foot





$1,300,000 Promontory on cul de sac              3414 square feet       5 days on market              sold for $380 per foot





$1,320,000 Promontory on long through st.   2860 square feet      6 days on market               sold for $461 per foot





$1,400,000    Santa Fe Summit , through street     3708 square feet     123 days on market  sold for $377 per foot





$1,438,000 Santa Fe Summit on cul de sac    3732 square feet   39 days on market          sold for $385 per foot





$1,500,000   Promontory cul de sac, view   4008 square feet     14 days on market    sold for $374 per foot





$1,512,500   Promontory (remodeled)    3994 square feet     50 days on market       sold for $378 per foot





$1,625,000 Santa Fe Summit ( premium lot)   3659 square feet     85 days on market   sold for $444 per foot





$1,850,000  Santa Barbara (premium lot)    3922 square feet   25 days on market      sold for $471 per foot





HERE ARE THE FINAL SALES NUMBERS FOR THE ENTIRE 2013 year    –  Summit  ,   Promontory ,  Santa Barbara homes


Owners of these subdivisions can “celebrate” knowing the super success of sales for the entire 2013 year.     The  Santa Fe Summit, Promontory  and Santa Barbara subdivisions continue to draw wide buyer support and demand.     These subdivisions , created by Pardee Homes are ideally located in the heart of Carmel Valley and offer not only current floor plan design but they also lend themselves  to great homes to enhance.   There are no single story homes in these subdivisions and most homes are comfortably situated on larger lots when compared to other similar  priced homes in Carmel Valley.   Therefore, it is not only location but functionality that makes these homes always in demand by buyers.     There are 305 homes within Santa Fe Summit & Promontory and 128 homes in The Santa Barbara subdivision.

Summary Comments: 

The Santa Fe Summit recorded 10 sales with an Average Selling Price of $ 1,301,450 which represents a 2.71% increase in value over 2012 and selling @ $420 per foot average

The Promontory homes recorded 8 sales with Average Selling Price of $1,471,125 which represents a 16% increase in value over 2012 and selling  @ $395 per foot average

The Santa Barbara homes recorded 6 sales with Average Selling Price of $1,260,000 which represents a 7.78% increase in value over 2012 & selling @ $338 per foot average

We have  done our own research and SUMMARY of the  data above .  For a complete and current evaluation of your home in these subdivisions or others within Carmel Valley…call (858) 361.7050.   We are specialized in Carmel Valley home sales, own in Carmel Valley and have been part of the Carmel Valley Lifestyles since 1989!                   WE KNOW THE MARKET!!!    The Tucker Team   – call or text  (858) 361 7050 

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