Carmel Valley – San Diego – 92130 Home Sales Surge In April !

  Home Sales Surge in April – that was the title of an article I recently read in the Union Tribune on May 17.  The article was written by Lily Leung, a UT real estate commenter who was stating that for the month of April, countywide sales rose dramatically for   closed transactions.   Since we are very specialized in coastal sales with emphasis on Carmel Valley – we thought our take on zip 92130 might be worthy.  So, for the month of April in 2012 there were 40 closed transactions for single family homes and 29 (wow) in the condominium segment of the market.    The Union Tribune article compared sales in the county for the same timeframe during 2011 and found that for 2012, closed transactions rose  in the county during 2012.   Let’s compare that to 2011 for Carmel Valley.   During April of 2011, there were 37 single family transactions closed ( 40 in 2012) and there were 18 condominiums reported sold (29 in 2012).      Hence, we can see a dramatic shift in the condominium segment of the market for the timeframes compared.   Why the jump and my (wow) ?  First time buyers are realizing now is the time to buy, interest rates are low and inventory is scarce.  Looks like the first time buyers are paying attention to the economy and investing wisely!  Carmel Valley is a great choice and the “Carmel Valley Lifestyle” is…..well ….GREAT!

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