Strong Sales to Mid Year in Santa Fe Summit, Promontory & Santa Barbara


2012 mid-year report for home sales in the Santa Fe Summit, Promontory, Santa Barbara & Vista Santa Barbara subdivisions:  When reviewing the historic sales data for these great Pardee built subdivisions, we noticed that the number of homes sold in the same 6 month  time period showed only slight fluctuation during the past 5 years. First and foremost, rest assured that these subdivisions could not be better positioned with better floor plans which are extremely favorable to today’s buyers. We work with buyers who have repeatedly commented on how well maintained these areas are and the floor plans work for the majority who want to call Carmel Valley home.  Since January there were 12 reported closings in the combined subdivisions mentioned in this article. The average selling price was $ 1,237,000 with the average time on market before an offer was received being only 43 days. We created the chart below showing the first six months unit count (sales) for the past 5 years and included the AVERAGE the historic selling prices for the subdivisions.  Note there is virtually NO change in pricing – a great thing given the current economy.
OBSERVATIONS – OUR POINT OF VIEW:  Buyer demand for Santa Fe Summit, Promontory and Santa Barbara will continue as these subdivisions are highly sought after.  The architectural and design detail and care given to these homes does not go unnoticed by buyers.  With each home being unique it is especially important to have a pulse on the competition in order to make accurate comparisons.  As a Broker and active Realtor in Carmel Valley for the past 24 years,  we have seen all the homes that come to the market.  More often than not we have a pool of anxious buyers ready to view  and consider a home as soon as it comes to market.   If you are considering selling your home, call us for your customized marketing plan for a successful sale!  We can always be reached at (858) 361.7050 . The Tucker Team – We know the Market!

Sale Prices$1,200,000$1,055,000$1,150,000$ 986,000$ 945,000 & $1,060
$1,244,000$1,090,000$1,160,000 (2)$ 990,000$1,100 & $1,110
$1,400,000$1,245,000$1,200,000$1,180,000$1.2 & $1,205
$1,465,000$1,450,000$1,355,000 (2)$1,280,000$1,375,000
Average Sale $$1,280,000$1,119,250$1,303,000$1,225,000$1,237,000
Average Per Ft $$ 354$ 299$ 334$ 327$ 334 On Mkt 43 Days

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